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Sustainable Construction

Our ambition is to continually improve the environmental credentials of our projects and services by actively looking for ways to reduce negative environmental impacts during their entire life cycle so that over time our stakeholders know us not just as a Popular Plus Trading Contracting Company capable of building environmentally sound projects but also as an environmentally responsible construction and development company.

We are committed to the following key issues.
  • Champion the efficient use of energy and reduce emissions of gasses associated with Climate Change.
  • Focus is on zero waste by lowering upfront demand, recycle or down cycle, and reuse materials. When these options are not applicable, then disposal of waste that is least hazardous to the environment is adopted.
  • Proactively select and use materials that are benign to people and the environment.
  • Conservation and recycling water resources is of extreme importance.
  • Reduction of emissions from projects, automobiles, mobile and stationary processes and equipments.
  • Minimize the negative impact of our operations on water land and soil quality.
Experienced Workforce

Popular Plus regards its Human Resources as one of the Organization’s most important assets. Through rigorous personnel selection and continuous training, Popular Plus successfully recruits and maintains a multinational workforce within various disciplines.

Popular Plus utilizes recruitment associates/agents in the Middle East, Europe and the Far East to screen, test and shortlist new candidates. Curriculum Vitae can be uploaded on our website.

Popular Plus’s competent workforce, coupled with its experience in mobilizing, coordinating and managing multi-national project teams, enables it to provide a complete project delivery service and ensures that its project organization is adequately staffed with appropriate skills in a timely manner.

Popular Plus’s personnel are sponsored and accommodated by the Company. Popular Plus’s technical, project and executive management staff is highly qualified with the necessary educational background and practical work experience in organizing and motivating multicultural and multinational workforce.

Popular Plus’s policy promotes recruitment of personnel on a permanent basis, instead of project basis. This ensures a permanent core of executive and management personnel, enhancing the benefits in training, and fosters dedication to the welfare and improvement of the company.

Construction Equipment

Popular Plus Trading & Contracting LLC equipment technicians and administrators support independent operations across the entire Popular Plus Trading & Contracting LLC project. Each project team is consulted and Popular Plus Trading and Contracting LLC ensures, the relevant construction services are received with the right equipment to execute the work.

The Right Tool for the Job

Whatever it takes to get your job done more effectively and efficiently, Popular Plus Trading & Contracting LLC can supply equipment to do it.

  • Tower Cranes
  • Trenchers
  • Heavy earth-moving and highway equipment
  • Material processing, supplying and delivering to projects
  • Potable & non-potable water supply by our tankers
  • Sewerage water removal by our tankers
  • Material delivery by our flatbed trailers
  • Concrete placing booms and distributors