Structural Designing – Combination of Civil and Structural Engineering

Structural Designing is basically subject of civil engineering and it’s depend up on structural engineering. Structural Designing, the word it self suggest that when we are doing construction of any building, malls, bridges and dams then we have to first design the structure of that particular construction. When we are doing any construction, we have to be very careful about stability and safety of that construction and it should be analyzed by structural civil engineers.

Structural Designing is a very complicated field but on other hand it is very much creative also. But it requires higher level efficiency and knowledge. In this field you require more efficiency when you are doing construction of residential building and other big construction. You need good and proper planning for resistant of loads and external forces. Civil engineers closely observe the situation and prepare a proper strategy for construction. In their strategy they will try to make a construction strong enough to resist from loads and other natural external forces.

In structural engineering the main and important parts are beams, walls, column and floor, because structural designing is basically responsible for building’s support. The other important thing is material used for construction. While you are doing a construction then you have to use high quality material for your safety purpose. When we are doing construction of any building then it is not a simple task you have to be very careful about load capacity, designing of columns, beams, floors, roofs etc. So, you have to choose expert structural designing engineer for that, because only an expert civil engineer can do a proper planning and apply a good strategy for construction.

There are also several construction techniques available in structural designing and you have to choose the best construction technique for your construction. Only a structural engineer can decide which construction technique should be used to provide a most favorable design that is easy to implement and cost-effective. A good structural design engineer can save your money, time and efforts.

So, structural design is used in structural engineering in this way. You can say it’s a combination of civil and structural engineering. After complication of construction the job of civil engineer is start with building survey and settlement reports to find any construction fault.