Application of construction chemical

We do not stop at just selling products for standard applications but also look for solutions and suggest the combination of our application of chemicals for any problems our customer encounters. We have a vast experience in this field as we have closely worked with construction industry for the past 30+ years. Our expertise in the business has made our Research & Development team strong as we develop products to meet the challenges faced by the customers of construction industry.

We are able to deliver what we promise because we are only company in India who has all in one roof: Manufacture, Market and apply the construction chemicals. We have Technical team to analyse the problem, R&D team to innovate products and skilled labourers to carry out the work.

A few specific reasons for considering Popular Plus Trading LLC

Unique : Comprehensive services – There is no comparable firm in Qatar who deliver all under one roof. Repeat business  

Expertise : Our experienced technical team inspects and suggest solutions that is in alignment with the budget provided by you. 

Results Driven : We are result oriented that’s why we give guarantee for our products and work we do. We give quality product and services.

Quality : We have trained & skilled labourers to attend any type of work. The quality is monitored by our site engineer and project co Ordinator.

Timely Completion : We work under time schedule. We meticulously plan our activity before even we kick start work so any snag from the construction side will be intimated well in advance to avoid any project delays.

Coordination : In this type of application work coordination is a key to a satisfactory completion of work. Our project coordinator will visit site and coordinate with the client, architect, structural consultant, site engineers for a smooth completion of projects.

Customization : Service works are tailor made suiting to each client because the building is different, and the causes could be numerous. Many a times products are even manufactured to suit the client needs. Trails are conducted from our research team which gives products to satisfy the customer. So, innovation is part and parcel of our team.

Big Vs Individual Clients : We value every customer irrespective of the size of work. We even attend very small work ranging from 10sqft to 10 lakh sqft. For us customer is a focus and his satisfaction are our greatest drive to service.