Operations Manager

Posted 4 years ago


Project Management, Planning, Scheduling, Progress monitoring, Costing, Claims and Contracts Management


  1. Develop and implement project execution strategy, ensure the implementation of quality control standards and cost control on project for on time completion
  2. Execute daily operations of monitoring the work executed by the engineering team at site and prepare interims and completion project reports.
  3. Supervise monitor and report Project progress throughout the project cycle to ensure on time completion.
  4. Manage Cash Flow Requirements for the Projects. Controlled expenditures within limitations of project budget.
  5. Monitor, verify and enforce specification compliance of materials at various stages of project. Manage and control Project Budget.
  6. Manage material and manpower requirements. Perform preparation of invoices, variance and claims and client follow up.
  7. Inspect and observe work in progress to ensure that procedures followed, and materials used conformed to project specifications and quality standards.
  8. Prepare submittals for materials, Shop Drawings, Time Schedule and Manpower organization.
  9. Ensured a positive work environment and awareness by all staff at the site of project goals and objectives.
  10. Conducted site meetings Monitored progress throughout the project cycle


Successful candidates will have a Bachelor’s degree in operations management (or a related field) and have prior experience in a management or leadership position. A deep understanding of financial management is also a plus.

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